How We Started

Our History

Early in 2013, a handful of Atlanta citizens with diverse backgrounds in various Arts disciplines, got together informally to discuss and share their views on the deteriorating definition of the Atlanta culture and the lack of Artistic representation of the inherent talent and artistry from the sons and daughters of Atlanta. As the conversation matured from identifying problems to focusing on solutions, The 5 Arts Foundation emerged.

Organized by co-founders H. Carter and Harmoni Brangman, The Foundation served as a prism, reflecting each contributor’s ideals and perspectives on the impact their Art could make within the community. These varying branches of art discipline came together to form the 5 Genres of Art - Literary, Performing, Recoding, Visual and Crafting. Within these 5 categories we include a range of pursuits: theatre, photography, literature, music, dance, museums and galleries, film, electronic media, architecture, fashion and hand made goods, that express an artistic nature, or supports arts education.

The 5 Arts Foundation began operating as a true grass roots initiative, with a handful of volunteers and a lot of personal favors called in, the Foundation produced the inaugural 5Arts FEST in 2014. This out-of- pocket funded event was designed to celebrate the art and artist who contribute to the creative landscape of Atlanta. Interactive artistic innovation is the corner stone of the festival as it continues to grow each year.

From its first year The 5 Arts Foundation has been recognized as a major contributor in the art scene with projects that raise awareness and provide performance opportunities for local students and artists, as well as opportunities that have a real impact in our community and our Metro Atlanta School Systems.

The success of the 2014 and 2015 5Arts FEST is a testament to the power of artists coming together for a cause and the impact of some very important and influential partnerships cultivated that first year. We have been fortunate to have partnered with organizations such as The Center for Puppetry Arts, Imperial Opa, The Workshop, Little 5 Points Center for Arts Community, Living Art America, Office of Immigrant Affairs, Whiz Learning Kids, International Language Academy, Art Institute, AIU, AllWrite Publishing, GMIA and Spelman College. The 2015 5Arts FEST welcomed over 5000 attendees and showcased over 50 emerging artists in the heart of Little 5 Points.

As we continue to press forward by expanding the reach of the Foundation we welcome our new members and our new appointments to the Board of Directors. The 5 Arts Foundation is proud to continue our efforts in our community and an educational responsibility within the Atlanta Public School System, and we invite you to become a part of this exciting movement.

Your gift of any amount makes a lasting impression on our organization and the work
we do in our community. We hope you will consider giving today.

Join Us In Bridging The Gap Between Art In The Community And A Community Of Artists