What We Are About

The 5 Arts Foundation is an Atlanta based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to bring Art and Artist to the forefront of social and civic solutions.

The 5 Arts Foundation has a vision of artist and creative people unified with a singular voice and with one major initiative, to create a better and brighter tomorrow through the expansion and education of the Arts.” Our Foundation believes that Art is not a novelty item of a city but rather a necessary component of our daily lives and our communities.

“Without the Arts we are a society without a soul.” – H Carter

-- Innovative Expression in all that we do
-- Artistic Development in ourselves and others
-- Inspired Solutions to social and economic change
-- Creative Education in the classroom and in the community

Your gift of any amount makes a lasting impression on our organization and the work
we do in our community. We hope you will consider giving today.

Join Us In Bridging The Gap Between Art In The Community And A Community Of Artists